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Composer of music to image, sound illustrations, custom composition and advertising, I like to create tailor-made sound palettes for the collaborators I work with.

L'Occitane • Sound Design by Hugo Steakman
Yves Saint Laurent • Sound Design by Hugo Steakman
ADIDAS • Sound Design by Hugo Steakman
Gehod • Music by Hugo Steakman
La Marée • Music by Hugo Steakman
MÖBIUS 99, my band
Minds Merge • Music by Hugo Steakman
Logo • Music by Hugo Steakman

About me

Originally from a small village in the french Pyrenees, I studied at the Toulouse Conservatory in electronic music composition. I also formed a band with classmates from my University. After having lived in several countries, I am curious to discover new sounds. I am interested in all types of sound production, from sound design to production, or composition and interpretation as a drummer.

Hugo Steakman

Get in touch

Feel free to write to me if you’d like to talk about your project or just have a coffee :) 

Merci pour votre envoi !

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